Step Up!

The “Step Up!” seminar, which targets locally elected women, offers training that helps them lay the groundwork for a successful campaign for state legislature. Each seminar includes presentations by experienced political candidates and campaign staff who will share their advice and best practices with seminar participants. A small fee covers the cost of lunch and the seminar notebook.

Stay tuned for upcoming dates and locations to be scheduled for fall 2019.

STEP UP! Program Resources:

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Step Up! Program

What you need to know before you decide to run for office

I. Step One-Personal

    • What are my motives?  (Why do I want to run?)
    • What issues am I passionate about?  Are voters interested in my issues?
  • Is my family on board?  (Gung Ho or Dead Against?)

II. Step Two-Professional

    • What does the job entail?  (constituent work, sponsoring legislation, committee responsibilities)
    • What is the time commitment? (Session dates, off-season meetings, local forums)
    • What is the average salary?  Is there a retirement plan?  Per Diem?  Travel Expense?
  • Where do legislators live during session?  (apartments, home shares, hotels; how to find)

III.  Step Three-Political

    • What are my chances of winning? (Analyze demographics)
    • Are my currently serving representative and senator planning to run again?  
    • What experience do I need on my resumé?
    • What if I haven’t been active in my party?
  • What if I want to run as an Independent?

IV. Step Four-Practical

    • What deadlines and regulations do I need to know about?
    • How many volunteers do I need and how do I find them?
    • Do I have to hire a campaign manager?
    • What help can I expect from my party?
    • How much money do I need and how can I raise it?
  • What should I have in my campaign wardrobe?

 Do you have other questions?

 Once you are satisfied with the answers to these questions, you are ready to Step Up!