See Yourself Here

Women of Iowa are invited to “See Yourself Here”

Was held April 3-4, 2018


A two-day seminar at the State Capitol for women who have thought about running for office sometime in the future.
At the seminar you will explore the elaborate chambers, the beautiful library, the cloakrooms and the subterranean tunnels.
You will see the legislature in session, observe a committee meeting, and meet with legislative leaders. Nonpartisan staff will explain the day’s agenda, and what services they provide to members. You’ll meet some lobbyists and hear various sides of an issue.
We promise you an interesting couple of days, and you will come away with a better idea of whether or not you want to run for office.

The purpose of this event is to “demystify” the legislature; to give potential women candidates an opportunity to explore the stage, meet the cast, and observe the action, so that the idea of serving in the legislature is not overly intimidating.


Meet with the Governor and Lt. Governor
Meet with Legislative leaders from both parties and both Houses
Q and A with women legislators
Observe Legislature in Session
Briefing from Secretary of the Senate and Chief Clerk of the House

Comments from Prior Participants:

“An inspiring 24 hours—great group of women, very organized and focused.”
“I am impressed by the quality and quantity of people that spoke to us.”
“I feel empowered…legislators are ‘everyday people’ like us…”
“I realized there is support once you are elected to help keep us on track.”


Sponsored by:


50-50 in 2020


in collaboration with the


Carrie Chapman Catt Center For Women and Politics at Iowa State University




Iowa N.E.W. Leadership at the University of Iowa