“A man will wake up one morning and say, ‘I think I’ll run for the Iowa Senate.’ Women usually need to be asked, sometimes several times, because they think they aren’t ‘qualified.'”Maggie Tinsman


Maggie Tinsman, a Republican from the Quad Cities, began her political career by serving eleven years as the first woman elected to the Scott County Board of Supervisors. She then went on to serve eighteen years in the Iowa Senate.

She holds a BA degree in Sociology from the University of Colorado, an MSW from the University of Iowa, and an Honorary Doctor of Public Service from St. Ambrose University. She has served on numerous boards and committees specializing in health, education, and women’s rights. She currently services on the board of the American Lung Association, the Iowa Legal Aid Foundation, the Prevention of Disabilities Policy Council , the Iowa Board of Health, Skip-a-Long, and Davenport Rotary.Maggie is President and owner of Maggie Tinsman, LLC, a Policy Analysis & Consulting Business.

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