LibbeyLibby Gotschall Slappey has called Iowa home since her freshman year at Coe College in 1970. A native of Massillon, Ohio, she was a registered Republican when she was hired for her first job out of college, working for U.S. Senator Dick Clark (D-IA) in his Washington, D.C. office. (She immediately changed her party registration, needless to say.) After Clark’s defeat in 1978, she worked at the White House for President Jimmy Carter, before moving back to Iowa permanently in 1979.

The bulk of her professional career has been spent in fundraising, working for nonprofits ranging from Planned Parenthood to the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center to the Newbo City Market. Her volunteer resume includes work on behalf of the Catherine McAuley Center, the Democratic Party, the Oldorf Hospice House, the League of Women Voters, Friends of the Cedar Rapids Public Library and Christ Episcopal Church. In her free time she enjoys cooking, classical music and dishing about politics.

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