When women run for office, women win in the same percentages that men do. Women can raise money just as effectively, if not more effectively, than men. But seven men run for every woman who runs.

So — Why don’t more women run?

Women give a number of reasons:

• Concern for family responsibilities

• Doubt about their qualifications

• Fear of media scrutiny

• Disgust with politics

 Let’s think about those for a moment:

• You might be surprised to find that your spouse, children, or parents take pride in your decision to run for office.

• Women usually under estimate their own qualifications. Visit the state capitol sometime and talk with our elected officials.

• Unless you’re running for Congress or President, the media is not going to be much interested.

• Politics can be disgusting. But do we really want to leave the lawmaking to people who are not responsive to our concerns?

 And there are some rewards:

• Winning an election is a big thrill.

• Lobbying your fellow legislators is more effective than petitioning from the outside.

• Helping constituents with problems is very satisfying.

• Bipartisan collaboration is stimulating.

• Even if you don’t win, you’ll meet a lot of wonderful people and have a great time on the campaign trail.

Enhancing the quality of life for all Iowans
is a powerful, worthwhile legacy!

Will you serve?