About Us

Founded in 2010, our mission is to recruit, train, and mentor women to run for public office. Our programs include:

Blueprint for Winning Academy
An intensive two and a half day campaign school offered in January of the even numbered years for women running for state house, state senate, statewide, or national office.

Step Up!
A half day nuts and bolts course held during the odd numbered years in various Iowa cities to teach women how to lay the groundwork for a successful campaign for state house, state senate, statewide, or national office.

See Yourself Here
A day and a half behind the scenes look at the legislative process held during the spring of each legislative session to inform women who are considering a run for office.

Post Election Sessions
Two hour sessions held after each even numbered Election Day – one for winning candidates, and one for losing candidates – that explore the next steps after becoming an elected official or a new influencer in the community.

NUDGE (No Use Delaying Gender Equity) Parties
Informal social events held throughout the year across the state to introduce women to 50-50 in 2020 and encourage them to become more politically engaged and possibly run for office.

Equity for Women Award
Annual award reception held each fall that honors a trailblazing Iowa female.